Writer: Stambo - 

Rating  R13

Pages:  TBH


Stambo and Trakk enter deeper into the swamps of Tangalang forest. An unexpected surprise awaits them, but their travels are interrupted by an overdue "Flip out" from our a deeply scarred Stambo.


"Funk it up baby!"


Writer: Boltie Sinclar

Rating  R13

Pages:  40


Does Rhubarb make your Pee blue? This is the question our heroes face. While arguing the most stupid questions the trio face an attack of Boonroid interceptors. In a mortal fight or flight we see if they all manage to survive questions are raised of from the serious to most stupid.


Rhubarb is good for you!!


Writer: Boltie Sinclar

Rating  R16

Pages:  39


Fist full of mental! Who is not mental.? The trio are confronted by a malevolent stranger with unknown intentions. Who is the stranger? Jim Jam has another identity crisis and decides to inflict his personality on others. 

Power Armour, Lizard dogs, shoot outs and the broken down half track, all a normal day for the hapless heroes.


Strap on hold tight and try not to Blow!


Writer: Trakk

Rating  PG

Pages:  29


Our most savage but loved characters, Stambo, Trakk and Big Tom scratch a living in the swamps of Tangalang Forest. Hunted buy the Boonroids their clever skills of banter keeps them going. 


Lets Skate Bootzilla Style


Writer: Jim Jam Jamicus

Rating  R13

Pages:  76


Hissy, Bolite and JimJam meet up with old friends and relive old stories. More is revealed about Bolite’s war years as a Freeboon Marine in the Great baboon war. New and old friends are introduced to Jim Jam unveiling Boltie in a new light.

War planes,  landing craft and not so scratchy crab tanks. All based on true stories, yes these are all true stories that happened, just the people have been changed and replaced with crazy characters and bizarre environments.


Farting and sharing is a gift that keeps on giving,

© Dean Stolpmann 2019

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